03 March 2016

Powered illuminated footplate option

The new Handicare option which improves your stairlift’s comfort and safety. This feature is available for the Elegance, Alliance and Classic seats.Powered-footrest_juli2015.jpg

How your powered footplate works

The powered footplate makes it easier for you to use the stairlift. When folded up, you can comfortably stand near the seat without having to worry about tripping before sitting down.

You do not need to bend over to fold the footplate up or down; the joystick on the armrest does the job for you. If you are not using the stairlift, fold up the footplate to leave more room for other people in the house, allowing them to use the stairs safely.

An elegant, illuminated footplate designed for your safety

This unique lighting feature automatically illuminates the footplate when it is folded down, enabling you to see it better in the dark and preventing you and other stair users from tripping over it.

Easy to use

For ease of use, the footplate button can be found on one of the armrests. Safety sensors immediately prevent the footplate from moving if there is something in the way. It starts moving again once the obstruction, which could be a shoe, an animal, or some laundry, has been moved. Although the powered footplate has been designed for your comfort, you can also use it manually if you wish.