20 August 2020

Now available: our unique Slide Track for the Handicare 1100

After introducing the zero intrusion option in the beginning of August, it is now time to introduce our unique Slide Track for the Handicare 1100. This option is ideal for hallways having doorways at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Slide Track: unique solution to avoid obstruction of doorways or hallways

The Slide Track is an option that is only available at Handicare. The Slide Track automatically slides the track clear of any obstacles while the stairlift moves up or down the track. This option is ideal for hallways where access is required through doorways either at the top or bottom of the stairs. As this state-of-the-art solution if fully automatic, there is no need to bend down or wait for a hinge to fold.

Zero intrusion: the solution where stairs finish at the door

The zero intrusion option is designed for homes where stairs finish at the door, particularly seen in basements. There is no overrun at the top of the stairs. You can safely get on and off the landing without needing to step on or off the footplate.

Interested in the 1100 and its unique options?

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Later this summer we will introduce another option for our Handicare 1100. Keep an eye on our website to stay informed!