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Handicare: ISO 14001 and 9001 certified

We are proud of the quality of our product. Our commitment to the quality of our stairlifts has been recognised by Bureau Veritas and has earned us two ISO certificates. These demonstrate that we meet stringent ISO criteria at an international level.

Furthermore our Handicare Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer, Classic and Elegance chair comply with the ASME 18.1. This is an American Standard which proves that the forementioned stairlifts and chairs meet the Safety Standard for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts. Handicare is a member of EPSA.


The quality of our stairlifts is apparent in product safety, to name but one area. We are therefore also continuously working on the safety of our stairlifts, something which is evidenced in the variety of safety measures installed on the product.

Our stairlifts meet stringent safety standards. To be able to do this, our stairlifts are tested and approved by independent global test services, for example the Dutch Liftinstituut, the British Standards Institution and the German Technischer Überwachungs Verein (TܜV). This means that you can be certain that your stairlift meets the most stringent quality and safety criteria.

Consumer Affairs & BBB

All our efforts to guarantee that our stairlifts remain of the highest quality result in many satisfied customers, which is confirmed by the reviews we have received on Consumer Affairs. To ensure we keep our customer happy, we are a BBB accredited company since April 2012.

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Please get in touch if you would also like to share your experience. Whilst we are always happy to hear about good experiences, we can also learn lots from less positive ones. We would love to hear from you if, for whatever reason, we have failed to live up to your expectations. Despite our attempts to work as diligently as we can, there may be occasions when you have reason to be less than satisfied. We are keen to learn of any shortcomings and prevent these recurring in the future.



Battery Producer Registration Number:BPRN00921

Registered With The Environment Agency. 



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