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About Handicare

Handicare is a global leader committed to providing innovative products that promote independence. With a goal of making everyday life easier we manufacture an array of safe patient handling products as well as straight and curved stairlifts, serving the many needs of both caregivers and individuals limited in mobility.

Handicare facilitates user’s ability to be mobile or age in place gracefully through our expansive line of transfer & lifting aids, accessible bathroom equipment, ceiling lifts and stairlifts. All products have been designed around the same philosophy: each product needs to be a tailor-made solution that meets the needs of its individual user. That is why at Handicare, we do not believe in “one size fits all”. Instead, our products include a range of options, styles and features to ensure that each user is provided a customized solution.


Our North American headquarters are located in St. Louis, MO with offices/showrooms located throughout the United States and Canada.  You can find us in the following areas: Orlando, FL; Boston, MA; Philadelphia, PA, Minneapolis, MN; Toronto, ON; and Vancouver; BC.

Internationally, our headquarters are based out of Kista, Sweden, with global manufacturing and sales offices located in the UK, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

About Handicare Group

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Organisational breakdown

Handicare’s North American headquarters are located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. There are also other external offices and showrooms throughout the US and Canada with key locations in Orlando, Florida and St Louis, Missouri.

Handicare is also a worldwide brand, with international headquarters located in the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. There are also branches in Canada, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.


Handicare has been providing lifting solutions for over 130 years. In 1961, Handicare manufactured their first stairlift in Europe and now, less than 60 years later, we are a major worldwide provider of safe and reliable solutions, manufacturing over 35,000 stairlifts each year.


Our stairlifts meet stringent safety standards. To assure Handicare meets the most stringent quality and safety criteria, our stairlifts are tested and approved by independent global test services.


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