The best solution for my curved staircase!
Curved stairlifts

Multiple floors – Multiple solutions

Not all staircases are straight, which is why Handicare also manufactures curved stairlifts. The twists, turns and sometimes sharp corners of a curved or multi-level staircase simply requires the right customized solution – and ours are capable of navigating corners, traveling across landings and spinning up spiral staircases smoothly and safely.

We offer two curved solutions: a single rail (Freecurve) or double rail (2000) style. The Freecurve single rail stairlift has a sleek and unobtrusive design with a variety of style and add-on options, including our proprietary Active Seat. The Active Seat option works similar to a lift chair, where the seat will gently support you as you are sitting down and standing up out of the stairlift, making it a great solution for those with joint and muscle pain. 

The 2000 double rail stairlift boasts the tightest track bends in the industry. Extremely versatile, the 2000 can be made to fit the most complex of staircase designs. The double rail system allows for an extra-smooth, extra-safe ride. 

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The 4000 is tailored to your home's staircase to ensure the best possible fit.

Handicare 4000


Our single rail solution ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

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