16 November 2020

An update from Handicare about our COVID-19 safe working practices

Around the world we are all facing or already dealing with a return to lockdown measures. Some industry sectors are once again being asked to close their businesses, while others must fortify their health and safety procedures and provide essential services for their community.

Handicare’s role as key workers in the response to COVID-19 worldwide is an important one. The decision to buy a stairlift is never an easy one, but for many vulnerable people it can make a huge difference to them at an already difficult time in their life.

We will continue to supply and maintain our much-needed products and services for people who are completely dependent on them to make their everyday life easier.

We remain committed to provide Covid-safe experiences and solutions to the many vulnerable people at increased risk of the illness who need to adapt their homes and who are looking for reassurance this can be done quickly and safely.

This year, we have continued to manufacture, supply, install and maintain stairlifts while doing everything we can to safeguard our employees, suppliers, partners and customers.

We have introduced robust health and safety procedures, according to the advice and guidance received from the relevant health authorities and governments where we do business.

We’re prioritising our ability to keep our factories operational and our teams motivated and mobilised to deliver the service level standards you expect.

The steps we’re taking include:

  • Rigorous hygiene (extra hand soap and cleaning of hard surfaces) by all Handicare personnel.
  • Production staff have been placed at least 2 metres apart to minimise the risk of infection.
  • Wearing mouth masks when moving around.

In countries where our own Handicare personnel visits the customer, our Handicare personnel:

  • Checks if households to be visited by our teams are self-isolating or shielding.
  • Greets contactless and maintains distance between people in the workplace and in homes.
  • Carrying out work in people’s homes (e.g. surveyors and engineers) wear PPE and take care of thorough cleaning of all equipment and surfaces before they leave the premises.
  • Use video calling (if available) for a virtual stairlift assessment.

Thanks to our brilliant team we will continue to handle enquiries and book appointments, provide breakdown support and assistance, as well as keep our factory up and running so we can continue to supply our partners and customers with the vital equipment they need.

Stay safe.