01 March 2016

Active Seat: getting off your stairlift easily

Only at Handicare: the Active Seat, a stairlift seat which supports you when you stand up and sit down. The technology has a lift and tilt mechanism, where the seat tilts upwards to support you when you are getting up. The Active Seat is only available from Handicare.


How does the Active Seat work?

  1. Use the lever to activate the Active Seat.
  2. Put your hands on the armrests and you will immediately feel supported in the seat.
  3. The seat supports you until you are standing.
  4. The Active Seat remains tilted upwards, ready to support you when you want to sit down.

To sit down:

  1. Put your hands on the armrests and sit on the seat.
  2. The Active Seat supports you until you are sitting comfortably on the stairlift.
  3. Use the lever to lock the Active Seat into position, and the stairlift is ready for use.

Reviews from Active Seat users

Mrs Mooij: “Thanks to the Active Seat, it's now much easier to stand up. My joints ache much less than before because of the extra support.”
Mr Jansen: “My wife can now sit on and stand up from the seat without my help!”
Mrs Schuurman: “What a superb seat! It’s fantastic!”

Would you like more information about the Active Seat?

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