Minivator stairlifts: now with our own name!

Following our acquisition by Handicare, stairlift manufacturer Minivator embarked on a step by step programme of rebranding our business and stairlifts to complement the existing Handicare presence in the marketplace. 2014 will see the conclusion of this process as the name Minivator will be removed from our stairlifts and replaced with Handicare.

We have already benefitted from the bringing together of two of the market'€™s leading manufacturers and believe that this final step, unifying the product range, will further support the sharing of knowledge and skills throughout the business. This will continue to ensure that our customers have access to safe and reliable innovative solutions.

Note: the 'old' Minivator names have been changed

Take a look at the 'new' Handicare series:

For curved staircases:

For straight staircases:

Why the name change?

On 1 July 2010, Minivator and Freelift were merged into one single company: Handicare Accessibility Limited. As with any marriage, there is an opportunity to change your name. Initially we retained our 'maiden' names to avoid creating confusion in the market. We are now confident that the time is right to adopt the Handicare name across our range. Going forward, where Minivator or Freelift featured in a product name it will be replaced with Handicare.

We are also waving goodbye to the old logos and replacing them with the Handicare logo on products and in the supporting documentation too.

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