28 December 2017
Valentina Vincenzi

How to Clean a Stairlift

Properly Cleaning Your Stairlift

Stairlifts are a great mobility aid to ensure a safe climb up the stairs. But, we may forget that just like any other piece of mechanical equipment (think: car) or piece of furniture (I mean, it is a chair after all), it needs to be maintained and cleaned.

So as you’re feverishly preparing for the holidays and cleaning the house before the arrival of family and friends, don’t forget to add your chairlift to the list. We promise, it really is easy!


Wiping a Freecurve Seat

Let's start with frequency: how often should a stair lift be cleaned? Just like the other furniture in your home, you should be routinely wiping down the stairlift (track and seat) to prevent a build up of dust. Add the stairlift to your routine cleaning each week (or every other week, we don’t judge!) Cleaning is the easiest step you can take to extend the life of your stairlift.

How to Clean

While your routine most likely calls for a bucket of cleaning sprays and solutions, you will want to avoid using any of these on your stairlift as they can be too abrasive. If you’re routinely cleaning your stairlift, you shouldn’t need to resort to cleaning solutions. Instead, simply dampen a cloth and wipe down the stairlift track and seat. Adding mild soap or ammonia is fine, but remember: water and electronics don’t mix! Don’t feel that more water equals more clean. A few wipes with a dampened cloth will be sufficient.  

Cleaning the Rail

Trust us when we say, we know stairlifts. Which also means, we know how dirty they can get. We’ve seen it all – dust bunnies that could second as a pet or mounds of pet hair stuck in track, which can cause a malfunction. It is probable that on the guide of the monoguide two continuous strips are formed due to the deposited dust and that when the machine passes through it is crushed and then impressed on the guide. For this reason it is useful to use a degreasing product that does not leave residues.

Different Stairlift Models

Whether you have a straight or curved Handicare stairlift, the process is the same. The only consideration is when wiping down the 950 or 950+ track: while it is still recommended that you use a degreaser or damp cloth, you need only one or two swipes of the cloth. Anymore could leave marks.

Wiping a Freecurve Seat


In addition to cleaning your stairlift, periodic preventative maintenance is recommended to guarantee long-lasting operation. You wouldn’t neglect your car for more than a year, so be sure that you are working with your local dealer for annual “check-ups.” This becomes even more important should your stairlift be used by more than one user or extends across multiple floors. 

Wiping a Freecurve Seat