26 July 2019
Katja van Driel

The best measurement tool for the best stairlift advice

Measuring the stairs easily and effectively for the best stairlift advice: our PhotoSurvey expert Jesper is constantly trying to improve the measurement process to achieve this goal. In this blog you get to know Jesper, he talks about his work at Handicare and you learn more about our measuring system.

What is your position at Handicare?


“When someone wants to buy a stairlift, one of our advisors comes by. During this visit, the consultant, together with the client, examines which stairlift is most suitable and the stairs are measured. We use special measuring equipment called PhotoSurvey to measure the stairs. I am constantly improving this measuring equipment and I try to ensure that everything works optimally. In this way our stairlift advisers can do their work even better. For example, we recently improved our software even further and given our measuring system a completely new twist.”

How long have you been working at Handicare?

“I started at Handicare five years ago as an intern in the marketing department. After my internship, I stayed at Handicare and learned everything about the measurement systems we use. I can translate the needs of our consultants into new technical solutions.”

Which improvements have been applied in recent years?

“Measuring the stairs has become much easier. The case containing the measuring equipment now weighs only 3.5 kg instead of 15 kg and is therefore very suitable to take with you when you visit people at home. We have also improved the user functions, making it much easier to perform a complete measurement. We noticed that measuring during a home visit took a lot of time, that had to be shorter for both the consultant and the customer. We have been able to shorten the time by 60% and during the home visit the customer is shown a 3D animation of what the stairlift looks like on the stairs. These are incredibly beautiful developments”

“In the field of technology, developments are therefore very fast. But not everything that is possible is also useful to use. For example, we have tried many different techniques, but in many cases the measurement process did not necessarily become simpler. Ultimately, the most important principle is: what is the customer's benefit?”

How do you ensure that all advisors go along with new techniques?

“Our measurement system has been well appreciated within the international stairlift market for years. With these new developments, we have further improved a program that works well. For user-friendliness, we have chosen not to completely turn the measurement methodology and software interface upside down. This means that the advisors can easily make use of the benefits that the new PhotoSurvey offers."

Finally: What do you like most about your work at Handicare?


"In the beginning I worked a lot "behind the scenes", which meant that I was mostly working in the office. Then I got the opportunity to go one step further. I was allowed to present our ideas and products at trade fairs and during events for a large audience. I realized that I really enjoy these moments and get a lot of energy from them. Those are the highlights of my work for me. For example, I once stood at a trade show in Germany with as many as 50,000 visitors. "

"I have worked a lot on improvements to the measuring equipment, both on software and hardware. This even involved some welding and milling work. To finally be able to present PhotoSurvey4D at the fair and to receive such positive reactions is really great. At the Rehacare in Düsseldorf, for example, I spoke to a visitor who had to work every day with a suitcase of up to 20 kg, she was so very grateful that there is now a system that weighs only 3.5 kg. Such great reactions are the best rewards for my work.”