26 April 2016

Common problems in aging bones

With aging, comes related medical conditions worth paying attention to, such as, thinning bones, muscle weakness, decreased reflexes, increase in involuntary movements and muscle contractures, increased risk of injury. In addition, stiffness and arthritis.

These changes all occur due to the body’s aging process, where the physiological function and anatomical structure of the body changes as we get older. We can experience pain doing daily activities like walking, working in the yard, going up and down stairs and steps, and sitting for long periods of time. With these in mind, it is important that we take every step to prevent injuries that can further deteriorate our body’s functioning.

Exercise is your best friend to keep your bones and muscles strong. A strong skeleton also contributes to good posture, balance and mobility. Strong muscles help you move and travel across space.

Don’t forget your nutrition! A diet that includes Calcium and Vitamin D is also essential for bone health, especially for women in Menopause.

The use of mobility equipment is your friend to keep you moving up and down stairs outdoors and indoors without pain. Mobility equipment also helps you travel between flights of stairs safely, eliminating the risks of falls.

Last but not least, always consult your Doctor when considering all the alternatives listed above. Your health is a lifetime investment!