I wouldn’t be without my Handicare stairlift!

Nel Shedman tells:

My husband started living in this house when he was 6 years old. He is extreme happy that we can stay and live our lives in this house. Because I have arthrosis it cost me a lot of energy to go to the first floor, luckily for the past 2 years we have the Handicare Stairlift. Our stairlift is more than just a stairlift, it’s my helping hand for a lot more, getting the clean clothing upstairs. Moving clothing bags downstairs. The most important part of it is “it can take me to my hobby room”. The place where I feel happy. The house where we live in is very old, and the stairs are very small. Luckily my stairlift fitted on my stairs. I may need to sit a bit oblique but it’s worth it ! A stairlift is not cheap but worth every penny !