Powered footrest

Handicare Stairlifts are supplied with footrest can be manually folded up to increase available space leaving the hallway and on your staircase as clear as possible for other users.

Lifted and lowered by hand, our manual footrests are fitted with an easy fold mechanism that minimises the strength required to fold the footrest up or down.

The powered footrest option removes the need for you to bend down to fold or unfold the footrest. There are two ways in which the footrest can be activated: some stairlift systems offer a footrest that folds automatically when the seat is folded and unfolded, others one that is operated independently of the seat by a switch in the seat arm so you can raise and lower the footrest whilst seated.

Some of Handicare’s stairlifts offer a choice of either method.

Patented Illuminated Powered Footrest

Thanks to its battery back up, your Handicare Stairlift will continue to work in the event of a power failure.

Following the introduction of Handicare's unique and patented illuminated footrest using a stairlift in low light conditions, such as a light bulb failing or power cut, is safer than ever.

Currently compatible with the Elegance or Classic seat, this powered footrest is operated by a switch on the arm of the seat and, when unfolded, is illuminated by a subtle LED light.

This low energy solution remains illuminated when the stairlift is parked on a charge point with the footrest down so it also lessens the risk of the stairlift causing a trip hazard should the light source fail.

In the event that it is left off charge with the footrest down the light will switch off after 15 minutes.


Powered footplate of the Handicare 2000