19 April 2016

My Veteran Sister Needs a Lift

I have a 38 year-old Sister. She is full of life! We often call her “Sunshine” because of her giddy smile and bright eyes! My Sister, Emma, is a mother of two girls. One is finishing grade school. The youngest one just turned 4.

Emma served in the Army for close to 14 years. She was deployed 2 times. On her last deployment, about 4 years ago, she was injured by a road side bomb, while traveling in a convoy. The result was her loosing her left leg from the knee down.

My sister, like many soldiers, paid a high price for her service to our Nation. Her losing her lower left leg makes her walking harder, she needs mobility equipment to travel across the floor, to go outside and enjoy her porch and to climb the stairs to her newly built two-story house. She loves her home. The idea of having to move to another house grieves her. Her home represents her efforts, dreams, dedication and sacrifice; not to mention, that the house is Emma’s inheritance to her girls.

I decided to help my sister. I needed to find a way to help her enjoy her home and move with confidence. I found information about stairlift glides, another name for stairlifts, on the Veterans Affairs site. I then began to look for companies that carry stairlifts and the types of stairlifts available. Emma has a beautiful staircase that curves to the top floor, so I am sure that there is a stairlift that conforms to her staircase perfectly! There are many models to choose from and can be fit to the dimensions and space where the chair will be installed. I even found an outdoor stairlift perfect for Emma to ride on when she wants to enjoy her porch–the porch sits at the foot of the hill, close to the property lake behind the house!

I was so excited! I had to tell Emma! Well, we have booked a consultation with a Representative! I know Emma will be able to live in her home for years to come with the help of the stairlift keeping her safe while she enjoys the independence she fought for so long both in battle and through hermobility difficulties.

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