04 March 2016

Mr. B got his walk back!

Meet Mr. B. He is a handsome 81 year old Armed Forces retiree. Every Monday, at 1:45pm, he shows up to my Active Older Adults fitness class. I teach Group Fitness to the 65 year old and over generation to help them live as healthy and active as possible. In this class, I focus on their range of motion (the range in which the participants can move their joints), balance, and muscle strength. We also get to play some memory work exercises, and coordination sequence movements. We have a blast in the class!

Well, Mr. B., joined my class hoping to improve his balance and posture. He planned a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year with his family and he wanted to enjoy his time there with his daughters. I noticed that Mr. B dragged his feet when walking. He also stood and walked slightly bent over. When he sat on a chair, it was difficult for him to stand up.

I began working with him doing some sit down squats on the chair. We also used free weights, starting at 5-pounds to work his biceps, triceps and shoulders. In addition, we worked with resistance bands to do chest and back exercises and for core strength, we began with wall planks.

After about 4 months, Mr. B is now using 10-pound weights. He has begun doing modified planks on the floor holding them for almost 1-minute. Mr. B now completes full 32 sit down squats! We are starting to add weights to these squats. His balance has dramatically improved and Mr. B now walks straighter and does not drag his feet! Indeed, Mr. B got his walk back right into Mardi Gras! He now wants to try to play Pickle Ball with his new friends from class. I am so proud of him.

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