Is a stairlift safe?

All Handicare stairlifts comply with stringent safety standards. Our stairlifts are fitted with a range of safety measures such as a seat belt and integral safety sensors. Besides the standard safety measures, there is also a range of optional safety measures for your stairlift. Handicare Stairlifts assures your safety on the stairlift

Standard safety measures are as follows:

  • The stairlift has been designed and finished so as to prevent clothing becoming entangled. 
  • The footplate and motor unit guards are fitted with sensors that detect potential obstructions between the stairlift and the stairs, bringing the stairlift to a safe standstill. 
  • All seats are fitted with a seat belt to prevent you falling from the stairlift while it is in motion. 
  • The seat stops automatically if it encounters an obstruction on the track or stairs. 
  • All seats come with a key to prevent unauthorised use of the stairlift. 
  • All seats can be swivelled to give sufficient space when getting on and off. 
  • The stairlift works on two batteries so that, in the event of a loss of power, you can continue using it for several more trips.

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