Stairlift innovation

Innovation with the help of our customers

We have continued to improve our products ever since we developed our first stairlift back in the 1960s. We are keen to keep in touch with our customers' needs and experiences. A growing number of customers want to choose their stairlift seat type, track and colour scheme. At Handicare we give you this freedom of choice. We also have the widest range of stairlifts on offer, including a choice of double or single track. 

Innovation through investment

Handicare invests in the development of its stairlifts. Over the years, we have constantly developed even better stairlifts, as well as developing a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing range of seats. The most recent example of this is our beautiful luxury seat, the Elegance.

Alongside the visible product improvements, we are also working continuously behind the scenes to improve our processes. For example, we have developed a special piece of software for surveying your stairs: PhotoSurvey. This program accurately surveys your stairs and sends the results straight to our factory! The risk of error is minimised and the survey now takes less than 30 minutes!   

Besides these processes of continuous improvement, we are also developing next generation stairlifts in our dedicated research and development facility.

Distinctive product features

Handicare's innovation has resulted in several unique product features that stand out in the marketplace, for example:

  • safety sensor that halts the stairlift if an obstruction on the stairs is detected; 
  • sliding track system whereby the stairlift takes up a minimum of space.


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