02 May 2016

Mr. B hit another milestone–Up to the Loft

A few months ago, I wrote you about Mr. B. my 81 year-old Armed Forces Retiree who participates of my Monday’s 1:45pm Active Older Adult fitness class and all the progress he had made! If you don’t remember and want to know more about my Friend, check the link at the end of this update!

Well, I checked back with Mr. B today. This morning, I bumped into him at the Fitness Training Facility. He looked great! He walked straighter. He looked taller. He smiled when he saw me. “How are you Mr. B?” I said and he replied, “Wonderful, my child!” I smiled, he always calls me “my child”.

Well, Mr. B began telling me that at his house there is a living space spiral stair casehe calls “The Loft”. This is a gathering living space, where his family likes to fellowship. The grandchildren and their friends like to come up to this space. He has books, a huge projector screen to watch movies in, old family photos, and lots of family memories there. Did I mention is on the third floor of his home?

Mr. B hasn’t been to The Loft in a couple of years. His health along with his mobility challenges kept him away. To go up The Loft, you have to go through a spiral stair case. For Mr. B, that staircase was to steep to climb, even for his improved posture, balance, strength and stamina. I was sad to hear him wanting to go up there so much but couldn’t. Then, he explained, “You know what my family did for me?” His eyes were wide and bright as he said this. I had to ask, “What Mr. B.???” He said, “They got me a stairlift! You know, those chairs that you sit on and ride them to the next floor level of the house?” “Oh wow!”, I replied.

I was so happy for him! He then told me about his planning a movie night family gathering up on The Loft. “Sunday, May 8th!”, Mr. B said with his hands lifted in victory! Needless to say, I’m so glad his family gave him the stairlift. They didn’t only give him a way to climb up to his favorite space in the whole house, but they also gave him the gift of total independence. He enjoys his home fully, and is creating even more memories to treasure until his last breath on this earth.

Mr. B got his walk back!

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